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Your Winter Holiday 
In The Hardanger Fjord

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Winter Wonderland Awaits!
Discover B-Nature's unforgettable winter adventure packages! 


Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?

Everybody knows that Norway is known as the perfect winter holiday destination. The first region travelers from all over the world come to, is the North, for husky sledging, Northern lights, reindeers, whale spotting... or secondly, more in the East, to the famous Alpine ski resorts.

But... in the West, there is a 3rd place in Norway, a secret place that nobody knows about...

but the Norwegians themselves.

That place is... shhhhhtt, don't tell anyone...

The Hardanger Fjord!!

Norwegian families use this Fjord and surrounding high mountains for Alpine- Randonnée- and cross-country skiing, snowshoe hikes, skating on frozen fjords and lakes, ski kiting, Rib safaris on the Fjord, and many more exciting adventures.

In terms of winter tourism, many well-known European destinations no longer guarantee snow due to changing weather patterns caused by climate change.

However, Norway stands out as a reliable alternative.

Norway offers snow certainty thanks to its northern latitude and proximity to the Arctic. Its breathtaking landscapes and diverse climate provide ample opportunities for winter activities.

B-Nature is the first to unlock the Hardanger Fjord to the international market with the very first and brand new Winter Adventure Package!

Enjoy the best winter holiday of your life, surrounded by stunning, more than 1 km high mountains, icy fjords, and snow white landscapes.

From fjords to Arctic mountains, this package offers it all. Within a range of less than 15 kilometres from our hotel you find two of the largest glaciers in Norway. A visit to one of them is actually part of the package. Engage in exciting activities, savor delicious food, and receive personalized service from our welcoming family. Immerse yourself in the traditional Norwegian lifestyle.

Book now and become a Norwegian for a week!

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