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Breakfast served at the table, partly buffet


When checking in at the hotel please inform us about allergies and/or wish for a vegetarian or vegan breakfast.



When entering the breakfast restaurant, our host will welcome you and assign you to a table and explaining our breakfast system. We wil serve at your table, plates filled with bread toppings such as different types of; fish-meat-cheese-veggies-marmalade and more. These plates are mini buffets in themselves, from which you can choose any topping and prepare a sandwich or croissant on a separate plate. Naturally the egg, bacon and sausages will be served as well on a smaller side dish.


More products can be found on the buffet, such as yoghurts, cereals, fruit, gluten free and lactose intolerant products.


At the drinks buffet you can get yourself a fresh cup of coffee, a variety of tea, cold milk, water, orange and apple juice.

lunch and diner "a la carte" 

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From12.00 till 13.30 lunch is served In our restaurant.

You can choose between: Soup of the day, Salade topped with Norwegian cheese or seafood, Omelette & bread,  Strand Fjordhotel Pizza (30 cm), Cured local meat platter with garnish or Fish platter with garnish.


In our restaurant we serve a la carte menu with Belgian/French and Norwegian cuisine. Our dishes are home-made with use of only ecological vegetables coming from a local farm called "Undeland Gard".


The Restaurant opens from 18:00 till 22:00, last order for the kitchen is 21:00. Deviations from opening times are possible depending on the season and number of guests. ​


Lunch and dinner are not included in the room price.