Terms & Conditions:

  • Check-in (April, May and September): between 15.00 h. and 20.00 h. on the day of arrival.

    • Late arrival only possible after notifying reception in writing or by phone call latest the day of arrival before 20.00. Even if the hotel has
      been notified, the guest will be charged 200 nok per started hour after 20.00.
      After 20.00 the booking will be considered cancelled and will be charged as no-show if the hotel has not been notified.


  • Check-in (June-July-August): between 15.00 h. and 24.00 h.​ on the day of arrival. 

    • After 24.00 the booking will be considered cancelled and will be charged as no-show.

  • Check-out: Before 11:00 h. on the day of departure.

Privacy Policy:

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Payment Policy:

  • All Bank & transfer costs are borne by the purchaser

  • Payment for online bookings are only possible with accepted credit- or debit-cards.

  • The following cards are accepted:

    • Visa

    • Mastercard

    • Diners Club International

    • Maestro

    • Bankaxcept

    • Union PayJCB


  • The credit- or debit card that is used in the booking will be precharged at the date the non-refundable period starts.

Cancellation Policy:


    • Changes regarding number of persons, rooms, meals, dates or arrival times, should be given by written notice at bookings@bnature.com

    • Changes have to be confirmed by our reservation department and are subject to availability and our Cancellation Fees Policy.



    • Cancellations, partly or total should be given by written notice to accept them.bookings@bnature.com

    • The date we receive the partly or total cancellation by written notice, will be used in order to calculate the cancellation fee.


    • Non Refundable rates:

      • When a booking with a non refundable rate is cancelled, the cancellation fee is 100% of the value of the booking for the first night.

    • Refundable rates:

      • A booking with a refundable rate can be cancelled up to 7 days before the arrival date and no cancellation fees will be charged. The non refundable period starts at the 7th day before arrival (15:00 h). After this period a cancellation of the booking will be perceived as nonrefundable. the cancellation fee is 100% of the value of the booking for the first night.

Fjordview rooms Strand Fjordhote

House Rules:

  • Smoking is only allowed in provided designated areas.Smoking is not allowed in rooms or the balconies belonging to the rooms, public areas inside or outside, public balconies and terraces/patio. 

  • If staff has established that guests have been smoking in restricted areas during the stay or after the guest checked out, a fee of 500 nok will be charged for cleaning costs. The guest hereby acknowledges that his card can be charged for this purpose. In case this occurs and the hotel possesses of an email address, the guest will be informed. 

  • If due to smoking or other reasons caused by the guest, the alarm system is activated, a fee of 3.000 nok will be charged.

  • In case of lost or not returned room key, the guest will be charged 500 nok.

  • Children are at all time to be accompanied by the parents or guardians and are not allowed to stroll, run in the hotel or disturb the peace and quiet.

  • Animals are not allowed in the Hotel. We offer no services related to animals.