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Your Winter Holiday 
In The Hardanger Fjord

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Winter Wonderland Awaits!
Discover B-Nature's unforgettable winter adventure packages! 

The Hardanger Fjord...  

A perfect winter holiday destination!

Norwegian families spend their free time in winter on the Fjords and the surrounding high mountains.

Some of the typical and very popular activities  in the mountains are

Alpine- Randonnée- cross-country skiing, ski kiting and snowshoe hiking,

And on the water you can go on a RIB safari, paddle in a kayak, and on the frozen water do ice fishing or skating.

The Fjords are relatively unknown as winter destinations, but between January and April, snow is guaranteed!

B-Nature, owner of the Strand Fjordhotel and the B-Active center...

unlocks the Hardanger Fjord to the international market with an amazing 


Winter Adventure Package!

Enjoy the best winter holiday of your life, surrounded by stunning, 1 km high mountains,

icy fjords, and snow white landscapes.

6 Nights and 7 days, exciting activities every day on both the Fjord and the Arctic mountains,

Stay in our cosy Boutique hotel, savor delicious food. Experience the excellent and personalized service from our welcoming family. Immerse yourself in the traditional Norwegian lifestyle.

Book now and become a Norwegian for a week!

For more detailed package information, click on the PDF's

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